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Concepción will host world event on forest biotechnology

The third version of Lignobiotech Symposium will cover topics related to the use of biomass for new and traditional products, such as paper and pulp, as well as biofuels and biomaterials.




A year before taking place, the third version of the Lignobiotech Symposium has been recently announced, which will be held at Concepcion, Chile between October 26th-29th, 2014, expecting to gather more than 200 researchers and students from around the world working on lignocellulose biotechnology and its applications.


This was reported by Dr. Jaime Rodríguez, director of the Biotechnology Center of the University of Concepción, institution responsible of the organization. "Being able to have this event in Chile is a great challenge, and positions us as one of the strongest countries in research and development regarding forest biotechnology, especially considering the contribution of the this industry to our GDP."


Topics to be covered, explained the researcher, are related with the use of lignocellulosic biomass to produce different end products such as paper, fuels, chemicals and materials, taking also into account economic and environmental aspects.


In addition, Rodriguez pointed out the fact of having a scientific event in this area, "it is the first time that this meeting will be held in America and we are proud that the Bio Bio Region has the ability to convene worldwide scientific capabilities around the forest area".


"We have a strong forest industry, but there is still a big step to take, specially in order to diversify and add value to products derived from biomass, biofuels and biomaterials among others" said the director of the Biotechnology Center at UdeC. Rodríguez also emphasized that the event will be a valuable opportunity for the public and private sector to know the latest science in forestry from leading researchers in the field.


Earlier versions of the Lignobiotech Symposium took place in France (2010) and Japan (2012), where scientists from more than twenty countries convened, the same is expected to replicate in Chile next year.


Register for Lignobiotech III Symposium at http://www.lignobiotech.cl


Source: Lignum Magazine. www.lignum.cl


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