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Diploma in Biosafety

This diploma is offered by the Biotechnology Center in a joint initiative with UNIDO and the Faculty of Forest Sciences.

About the Diploma:

In accordance with national and international regulations for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), in order to advance technological development without a negative impact on human health or the environment, it is necessary to have mutidisciplinary experience and the ability to deal with scientific uncertainty. There are only a few professionals, not only in Latin America and the Caribbean but in the whole world, able to deal effectively with the complexity of subjects related to assessment and management of biological risks associated with GMOs. This diploma provides a unique academic curriculum vitae to train professionals involved or interested in this area, by giving them the capacity to:

• Create procedures for the marketing of GMOs.

• Conduct risk assessment and apply management options.

• Manage and analyze the exponential growth of relevant information.

• Work on public policy issues related to science, government, industry and civil society.


The diploma is taught through a distance learning platform which facilitates constant interaction with the students with minimum interruption to their current academic or professional activity. To assess the risk of GMOs, it makes intensive use of a computer-based system such as D-TREE: http://binas.unido.org/dtree and electronic information resources such as UNIDO Biosafety Compendium, Vio-Scope and others.


Dr. Sofía Valenzuela A.

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