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Biofilm and Enviromental Microbiology Laboratory


Molecular and microbiological diagnosis of microorganisms of environmental and industrial interest: Molecular characterization of taxonomic and functional diversity, determination of physiological viability and biotypification of environmental strains/microorganisms (qPCR, PCR-DGGE of DNAr 16S, functional genes) of microbial communities associated to soils, water, sediments, bioreactors, treatment plants, living surfaces (animals, plants) and inert surfaces (wood, metal, plastic).

Evaluation of the effectiveness of biocides and anti-biofilm products: Characterization of biocides’ power (commercial and natural products) to sanitize surfaces (control-elimination of biofilms).

Surface monitoring: Microscopic and molecular analysis of microbial biofilms on surfaces of great importance in aquaculture, agriculture, navy, cellulose-paper industry, food industry and mining industry.

Contact: Homero Urrutia Briones.

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