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CB-UdeC begins repairing process after 02/27

The damages left by the earthquake of 27/02 in the Biotechnology Center’s building are still under evaluation, but a priori stimation puts the cost in millions of chilean pesos. Still, usual tasks start to come back to normal and an optimistic attitude grows among our colleages.

The strong 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile the past 02/27, resulted in a considerable amount of casualties and thousand million US Dollars loss in infraestructure.

The CB-UdeC building has some damages in part of the structure, but they do not compromise the future use of it. Fortunatly, we do not have to regret any death nor injured or missing people in our closer circle. We calculate at least 30 days for reparations, so some activities of our staff are taking place in different places of the university for the time being. Important equipments of the laboratories were moved to EULA Center and to the Faculty of Forestry.

Between the lost equipments we had Gas Chromatographs, HPLCs, molecular biology and proteomic devices, lab tools, and biological material backups of several research projects.

Besides the damage of the CB-UdeC building, some coleages lost valuable research that were contained in Dichato’s scientific station, located in the small coastal town devastated by the tsunami.

Althought the earthquake left serious consecuences, the functioning of the Biotechnology Center, is quickly getting back to normal, and we hope to receive cooperation from our internacional partners, to restore our full capacity of research. Most of the scientists are already back to work and the rest of the staff will do as well as soon as the security and basic sanitary conditions get fully operational.

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