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Enviromental Microbiology
Enviromental Microbiology


• 90% of infectious diseases that affect fish, plants and humans are associated with microbial biofilm formation.

• The processes of biogenic corrosion and fouling of surfaces cause substantial economic loss.


Research Topics:

• Design and development of biofilms for the biological treatment of industrial and aquaculture effluents.

• Bioremediation of soils/sediments by using biological barriers.

• Fouling control and biogenic corrosion.

• Chemical characterization and biological activity of transcriptional blockers in prokaryotic biofilms (Archaea and Bacteria).

• Cell signaling and gene expression in microbial biofilms.

• Microbial adherence control and formation of biofilms of aquacultural and agroforest interest.



Ph.D. Homero Urrutia Briones.

Ph.D. Katherine Sossa Fernández.



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