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The Biotechnology Center at the University of Concepción (CB-UdeC) was created on December 16th 2002, as a response to the Development Strategy of the Bío-Bío Region between the years 2000 and 2006, which was defined by the participation of the regional community.

The Biotechnology Center building was founded on September 27th 2005, in the presence of distinguished members of the government as well as academics and business representatives. The CB-UdeC is located on the Concepción campus and is a 3,000 m2 (9,800 ft2) building that possesses laboratories equipped for biotechnology research, development and innovation. It is the result of a joint initiative of the University of Concepción and Bío-Bio Regional Government.


Barrio Universitario s/n, Edificio Centro de Biotecnología
Fono: +56 (41) 2203850, Fax: +56 (41) 2207310, E-mail: cbudec@udec.cl